Invenio Procure to Pay Solution

Invenio's P2P solution dramatically reduces the cost of purchasing by at least 50%. We do this by empowering your suppliers to manage their relationship with you - quotations, proposals, work orders & invoices. You spend less time administrating - and more time focusing on generating revenue.

Manage your Procurement and Supplier relations with P2P

Handling suppliers and ensuring invoices are paid can be a drain on your resources. Many of the businesses we work with have complex networks of freelancers, agencies and global suppliers, providing vital services that keep their businesses running. Our Procure to Pay solution, built on SAP, becomes an integral part of the SAP corporate system. It makes financial management easier and business analysis more meaningful, with integration time kept to a minimum.

Highlights of the Invenio P2P Solution include:

Proactive management

Suppliers manage their relationship with you proactively

Quotes and invoice

Ability for suppliers to raise quote and invoices directly

Reduced burden

Spend less time administrating the supplier relationship

Seamless matching

Automatically match raw materials and services against original purchase orders

Enforce compliance

Automatically ensure your group purchasing strategies are adhered to

Audit trail

Detailed visibility of all user-related activity, at every step of the purchase

Sophisticated workflows

Accommodate prescriptive policies with custom workflows

More accurate information

Reduce the need for other third party solutions and have all your procurement data in one place in SAP

Automated efficiencies

Save money through early payment discounts and avoid late payment penalties

Reduce expenditure

Streamlined processes save on office consumables and hardware maintenance

Scale back

Reduce internal processes by up to 90%, including data entry, order matching, manual approval and more


Processes do the cross-checking for you, ensuring that reconciliation is easy


International companies can handle all currencies in one interface


Allow suppliers abroad to log in to their own localised language version of the P2P Portal

No limits

Manage as many suppliers and purchasers as you need, with no limits on numbers

Fully GAAP (Generally accepted accounting principles) compliant

GAAP compliant for all North American, Western European countries and Japan


Real-time reporting means better visibility from procurement to payment


Get a clear, transparent overview of your approval processes with an audit trail


Deep dive into your data to find payment patterns and efficiencies


Make more informed financial forecasts with greater certainty

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