Subscription & Distribution

Newspaper and magazine publishers face immense challenges, from declining circulation and ad revenue, to increases in production and distribution costs. Our knowledge of the media industry, allied with our experience in SAP, means we can deliver a solution that overcomes these challenges, helping publishers find efficiencies and improvements in planning, delivery and distribution.

Monetise Content

One of the biggest challenges for newspaper & magazine publishers in the digital age is monetising content. We help media companies implement technology that manages digital subscriptions. Not only does this technology increase revenue, but it helps deliver efficiencies and greater transparency across the business.

Increase subscriptions

With greater personalisation and better use of promotions, the SAP solution increases conversion to subscription

Greater agility

Get new offers and pricing plans rolled out at speed - the market is volatile so you need to move quickly

Improve customer service

Create a centralised view of your readers to serve them better and personalise any offers with a better digital relationship

Better revenue forecasting

Not only do you get more certainty over revenue, you can forecast with recurring billing and improve your ability to cross-sell and up-sell

Tight security access

Lock content down and offer tight security on content access so that the right content is delivered to the right people

Built-in bundling functionality

Reduce marketing costs with built-in bundling magazine functionality

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