Invenio Content Financial Solution

Built on SAP, our solution gives you tight control and financial transparency throughout the immense creation and acquisition of content. The Invenio Content Financials Solution enables media companies to get tighter control on spending and manage the whole lifecycle of their content. You'll see the following advantages:

Greater Transparency

The media world moves quickly, so as your content lifecycle changes you need to make quick greenlighting decisions to maximise the production lifecycle. Our solution is built on SAP technology. It's agile and integrates with other departments to form one automated system that gives you clear reports on real-time spend, with an efficient workflow and approval system for effective end-to-end financial control. Drive efficiency through:

Greater financial control

Integrated view with real-time financial reporting gives you greater visibility, as well as forecast cash outflows

Workflow and approval processes

Transparent, automated approval process cuts down on time, improves certainty and gives you tight financial controls

Greater insight

Integrated data from multiple business units creates a comprehensive understanding of the project

One single solution

Reduce total cost of ownership by creating a single cross-departmental solution

Getting the essentials right

Fast month and year-end closing


Reduce time spent on financial processes

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