Inter-Company Accounting

With today’s high volume of complex data being continually shared between different locations, enabling accurate financial, sales or stock information to be made available on-demand is a challenge. Create a harmonised inter-company system and Increase visibility across your business landscape with this automated, yet flexible, end-to-end solution.

Turning processes into competitive advantage

Our consultants are experts in configuring SAP systems to create custom and truly bespoke solutions that will fit your dynamic business needs. We will improve the efficiency of inter-company processes to enable faster and more accurate decision making, better customer service and faster reporting. 


Fast roll-out to new companies or countries

Single instance

Create global templates for the solution based on a single instance

Efficient IT resourcing

A template system means there is no need to start from scratch for a new setup


100% compliance to statutory, accounting and taxation requirements including multi-distributor, multi-national instances


Create a more transparent working environment across locations


40% reduction in reconciliation effort


Accurate data from one source produces higher quality management reports


Automated inter-company invoice receipts, inter-company sales orders and approval workflows


A solution configured to fit perfectly to your company requirements

Templated solution

Choose the primary site, install the solution, then roll out the same process to other locations

Industry experience

Our consultants' industry expertise will implement a solution for maximum effectiveness based on their experience

Reduced complexity

Automate complex processes and reduce manual intervention

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If you are running an SAP system, Invenio can help you with the Inter-company Accounting. Find out more by downloading our brochure and getting in touch.

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