Funds Management

Today, business and government bodies are demanding much greater visibility into the project and budget controls of companies. The Funds Management module, slots directly into your SAP system and allows Finance Departments to create and execute budgets faster with superior detail and 100% control over organisational expenditures. 

Easy and simple to install, finance departments can create and execute detailed budgets based on previous spend data, with access to a far higher level of detail to ensure companies create the exact reports they need.  The solution will reduce your budget cycle time by up to 30%. 


All department approvers can be notified automatically of requests to approve budgets for controlled funds, enter separate budgets for each area and view all budgets and spend in real-time


The majority of the system can be automated from the auto-release of budget reallocations to notifications

A holistic solution

Integrating seamlessly, the module cuts across various existing SAP functionalities


The module resides within finance, accounting, HR, logistics, supply and any other area of business where expense occurs to track and reconcile in real-time

Visibility at all levels

Multi-level approval control and a real-time view on all department budgets


The solution gives you the ability to create detailed plans to satisfy the increasing detail required in budget as demanded by stakeholders and external funding institutions


Gain a real-time view on funds allocation and usage thanks to a granular level navigation and analysis tool

Universal budgeting

From the outset, every new project will have an outline budget with estimated costs and a top-line budget for every element

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