Bank Communication Management

As with anything online, sending and receiving payments has a few risks associated with it and for businesses, most of those come down to communication with multiple banks. Working with the huge range of functionality within SAP systems, Invenio has created a fully integrated, automated end-to-end payment solution which can work with any bank.

Every organisation that uses electronic payments has to communicate with a multitude of banks, usually in the form of approving and releasing payments, communications and other treasury-based functions. Carried out on a manual basis, the process is susceptible to errors, security risks, inaccurate cash flow reporting and a high level of maintenance costs due to different bank interfaces and processes. With our highly automated solutions, payment turnaround time is reduced by up to 40% with increased security and superior reporting.

Payment Merging

Automatically merge all payment runs and provide a singular central reporting system, gain complete visibility of outgoing payments in real-time

Payment Batching

Group payments into different batches based on pre-defined business parameters

Employee Salary Payments

SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) can be fully integrated with our solution to approve and automatically transfer salary payments securely

Mobile Payment Approvals

Payments can be approved by users anytime and anywhere using handheld devices

Digital Signatures

Digitally sign off at every level of payment approval based on either SAP log in credentials or a single sign-in key system

File Encryption

All payment files transferred to banks by SAP PO are fully encrypted to ensure maximum security

Fraud Detection

Daily bank reconciliations allow for early detection of irregular outgoings

Electronic Approvals

Payment batches can be approved electronically, based on pre-defined business parameters

Electronic & Automatic Payment Transfer

All payments will be automatically transferred to the bank using a secured communication channel applying SAP PO as the middleware system

Payment Status Acknowledgements

A dashboard report alerts managers to take immediate action for rejected payments as the bank alert is transferred to the SAP system


Detailed reporting enables clear visibility of electronic payments and reconciliation using a single source of truth

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