Analytic Service

Companies have witnessed an explosion in accumulated and real-time data made available from customer interactions. Effective analysis of this data is the key to turning this untapped resource into a competitive advantage. Providing insights and predicting future trends leads to making better strategic and operational business decisions.

How Invenio deliver value

We help our clients become data-driven organisations, providing a range of services to manage end-to-end analytics transformation programs encompassing:

Analytics strategy

With our deep industry knowledge and experience we'll design a universal and extendable strategy for long-term company success.

Solution architecture design

We will create a unified information architecture – one that enables it to leverage all types of data, as situations demand, to promptly satisfy business needs. This will typically be on an SAP HANA database with "R" programming.

Solution implementation

Our methodology utilises our unique experience alongside best practices to unlock your businesses potential.

Support analytic applications

We provide a reliable, agile and innovative service support system tailored to your needs.

Unlock the predictive potential of data for business advantage

Our Invenio analytics team has a deep understanding of the media, public sector and manufacturing industries which means they have intuitive knowledge of how to gather and link the right individual data sources to create the predictive information and models to achieve your business goals. We will develop real-time, data-driven information to enhance decision making.

Analytic services can be deployed in many business scenarios using these key stages to implementation:

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